Automated token payments on EOSIO blockchains, especially on congested ones like EOS Mainnet, is a tricky business: transactions may fail because of insufficient CPU or NET or RAM resource, or may get dropped because of network congestion or microforks.

Typically a business that needs to send automated token payments is relying on a number of infrastructure services: it can check if a transaction is in an irreversible block by querying Hyperion or dFuse API, or set up its own Chronicle servers that would deliver such information.

My new Payout Engine is a holiday project that I wanted to implement for a long time. It solves the problem of dropped or failed transactions, and guarantees that the token recipients will get their payments, and no double spending would occur. Also the payer does not need to keep track of transactions. It just needs to send them when there’s a difference between due and paid amounts. …



Telegram: cc32d9, EOS account: "cc32dninexxx"

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