The WAX blockchain has grown in usage and size pretty dramatically. On May 8th 2021, 307k unique accounts have executed 51 million actions. On February 8th, it was 18k and 6 million, correspondingly.

Back in February, a typical nodeos setup would include a baremetal server with 3.5Ghz or faster Intel…

I’ve been in this blockchain space for a while, living through ups and downs in our great EOSIO ecosystem. These precious memories must not be lost, and they can actually work for the community.

So I’m starting the cc32dninenft collection on WAX and later on EOS, with three major goals:

  1. Fund the development of open-source projects that are valuable for the EOSIO community.
  2. Create an asset with a post-sale mission.
  3. Have fun.

Sales and promotions will be announced in cc32dninenft Telegram channel. More details on goals and profits distribution are on GitHub page.

The first series is celebrating the first post in this blog, and it will be issued in 100 tokens on WAX:

Stay tuned, there’s more to come.

Elrond is a relatively new player on the blockchain market, offering a new and scalable platform for WASM smart contracts. In this article I summarize the differences, advantages and disadvantages between two platforms that I found while reading through Elrond documentation. …


Telegram: cc32d9, Discord: cc32d9#8327, EOS account: "cc32dninexxx"

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