Blockchain asset transport services

There’s a number of software projects serving similar goals. I’ll try to list some of them here. They all allow you to set up your own token or asset, and send it to other wallets in the network.

This is a document-in-progress.

Internal currency: XRP
Minimum account balance: 20 XRP (~$4.30)
Transaction fee: 0.00001 XRP (~$2E-6)

The project is oriented to API users, so there’s no native GUI client that would support all API calls. There are some primitive GUI available for transferring XRP between accounts.

Internal currency: Lumens (XLM)
Minimum account balance: 20 XLM (~$0.5) and up, depending on number of entries
Transaction fee: multiples of 0.00001 XLM (~$3E-7)

The project has lots in common with Ripple (and common roots too), and it offers a variety of wallet software.

Internal currency: NXT
Transaction fee: 1 NXT (~$0.06)
Asset Issuance Fee: 1000 NXT (~$63)

Nxt is building a kind of multipurpose environment, offering to transport and exchange assets and currencies, and provide a voting platform. It offers also a reach GUI for all available functionality.

Internal currency: WAVES
Transaction fee: 0.001 WAVES (~$0.004)
Token issuance fee: 1 WAVES (~$4)

The platform is oriented to be an environment for ICO, and many ICOs are using it successfully.

Ethereum ERC20

Internal currency: ETH
Transaction fee: variable, around the order of 0.00004 ETH ($0.01)

ERC20 tokens are used currently by a vast majority of ICO.

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