Enterprise Privacy on EOSIO blockchains (EPEBLO)

Privacy of business transactions is what enterprises are demanding from every blockchain project. So far EOSIO has not addressed that yet.

I wrote a design proposal on how the transaction privacy could be achieved. This design is a result of many months of thinking, experimenting, and collaborating with fellow colleagues in our telegram chat.

In short, the design proposes a 3-layer architecture:

  • Control layer, where a public EOSIO blockchain can be used;
  • Transport layer which should not be on a blockchain;
  • Transaction layer which would be a derivative of EOSIO software with a number of unique features.

The document is only a rough outline of what needs to be built, and there’s a lot of work ahead of us.

Telegram: cc32d9, EOS account: "cc32dninexxx"

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