EOS Chronicle Release 1.0

As a result of a work proposal and crowdfunding round, the first release of new software has been published:

Chronicle Receiver is a reader and decoder of state_history_plugin data. It retrieves contract ABI, action traces and table deltas, decodes the data according to ABI, and exports it in JSON format. See the README in the project repository for more details.

Chronicle opens new possibilities for building EOS history databases and for all kinds of blockchain data analysis.

The main benefit, compared to nodeos plugins such as ZMQ plugin, MongoDB plugin, and the legacy and deprecated history_plugin is that all processing is performed in a separate process which would most likely run on a different CPU core than nodeos, leaving more CPU power for nodeos re-synchronization or head processing.

Also the Chronicle Receiver keeps its own state data in its database, so this data can be archived, and the receiver can re-start from any point in the past if some data needs to be re-processed. This does not need nodeos to re-evaluate the whole blockchain again.

15 teams have contributed to the development fund in equal parts:

It is important to support the Block Producers that are contributing to the project. Here’s a simple Linux command (assuming you did cleos wallet unlock beforehand):

cleos -u http://api.eostribe.io system voteproducer prods \
eostribeprod eosmetaliobp eosriobrazil eoscafeblock \
eosnewyorkio eosnationftw eosdublinwow teamgreymass \
eosgenblockp eosasia11111 atticlabeosb eosauthority

Telegram: cc32d9, EOS account: "cc32dninexxx"

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