EOS History Database Project

EOS mainnet is growing fast, and there’s a desperate need for a reliable and scalable history database solution. history_plugin is taking up too many resources and takes long to recover after a crash. mongo_db_plugin is not handling the forks correctly, and Mongo DB tends to crash on big volumes.

Block One is working on a new state_history_plugin which will export the history data to a file for further processing. The work is still in progress.

My own ZMQ plugin is subject to its own limitations: ZeroMQ sockets may lose messages when one of the sides is starting or stopping.

So, there’s a new initiative to build a new solution, scalable and flexible, and incorporating the past experience. 15 teams are jointly sponsoring the project. The list includes 12 block producers, two sister chains (Telos and Worbli), and the EOS Lynx wallet team.

The project aims to build an open-source solution that will allow anyone run an EOS history database and query its data via various open APIs.

Vote for project sponsors!

cleos -u http://api.eostribe.io system voteproducer prods \
eostribeprod eosmetaliobp eosriobrazil eoscafeblock \
eosnewyorkio eosnationftw eosdublinwow teamgreymass \
eosgenblockp eosasia11111 atticlabeosb eosauthority

Telegram: cc32d9, EOS account: "cc32dninexxx"

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