Fairness report for EOSBET Dice

I have completed the first fairness report for EOSBET Dice game. The report and the data mining scripts are located at:

Although most of the scripts were ready by beginning of September, there was still a problem with data consistency. The ZMQ plugin exported many transactions with duplicate global action sequence numbers, and sometimes duplicate transaction IDs, and it resulted in a messy dataset. Recently I managed to track down the issue (described here), and then it took few more days to re-sync the whole mainnet blockchain from the EOS Genesis.

So, the EOSBET Dice game is statistically fair. It is confirmed by chi-squared analysis of bet receipts, and by visual graphs of bets distribution. Feel free to write to me and propose additional ways to report and verify the game fairness.

The time and effort to generate this report was paid by EOSBET, but it is based on publicly available data and is generated with open-source scripts. Anyone can reproduce the results in their own premises.

Up to now the database contains all data up to September 6th, and it continues synchronizing with the blockchain. I will publish a new report as soon as the database is in-sync.

EDIT: a new report as of October 4th is generated

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