Fundraising for Chronicle and History Indexer

EDIT: This project is published as a Work proposal at BOS WPS. Also financial figures adjusted to current token prices.

EDIT2: BOS WPS proposal didn’t work out, need to find other ways of financing this.


Chronicle is an open-source project that was started last November, with the goal of building a scalable and fast history solution for EOSIO networks.

As a result of first crowdfunding round, the first version of Chronicle was released. It allows exporting state history plugin’s output in JSON format and feeding the database or real-time event processors.

The new phase will implement a History Indexer: instead of storing terabytes of JSON data like other projects do, it will only store indexes of contract actions, with references to block numbers. Then blocks can be decoded into JSON on user request. Also a cache of recently decoded JSON will be stored in the database for few weeks and cleaned up automatically.

This solution will allow lowering the hardware costs for full EOS history, and will let scaling the server infrastructure from a moderate standalone server for private use, to large server farms serving thousands of requests per second.

Work proposal and budget

A detailed work proposal is published on GitHub. The total implementation cost is estimated as US$32,500.

About 20% of work is already performed, and new Chronicle version 1.1 is released. It delivers new features necessary for the History Indexer implementation.

Telos fundrasing

Telos community has approved the work proposal worth of 100,000 TLOS, which covers approximately 15% of the total budget in current prices.

Telos network proposes a governance model which makes every participant’s input much more valuable than on EOS. It also offers much lower resource costs, so it’s totally affordable for airdrops and resource-intensive dApps.

BOS worker proposal

The proposal “historyindex” is submitted with the goal of financing the rest of the project.

Requested amount: 250k BOS tokens. The goal is to collect $US28,500.

Should the market price of BOS rise, the remaining budget will be used to pay for hosting and provide services on BOS network.

The WP voting finishes on June 11th 2019.

Once the financing is approved, the target date for delivering the software is end of September 2019.

Please contact me on Telegram: @cc32d9 or via email: for any questions related to the project.

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