ICO review: Effect.ai

Effect.ai is a fresh ICO that will start the croudfunding soon.

Goal: to build a global market place for AI tasks, including human input and shared computational power. Their NEP-5 token is planned to be the means of payment for time and resources.

I’m quite skeptical about their technology team and its abilities:
* Chris Dawe, the CEO, is in sales and marketing. No technical background.
* Jesse Eisses, Blockchain Lead: just graduated with a Masters degree in AI. No experience in industry. Github page has only a few forks of other projects, and no pro0jects of his own.
* Laurens Verspeek, Development Lead: 6 years of experience in web development in PHP at Itsavirus. Github page has only a few sutudent assignments and leftovers.
* Jeffrey Hamer, Nico Curylo: junior website programmers.

Advisory board: non-existent.

Conclusion: blacklist and forget. It’s probably not scam, but the project is made to fail.

Telegram: cc32d9, EOS account: "cc32dninexxx"

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