Infinito Wallet and free EOS account registration

Infinito Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet software for Android and iOS, and it is offering a limited opportunity to create an EOS account for free.

I installed it on my Android phone, and tried the registration.

First, it offers you to create a new wallet or restore an existing one with a seed phrase. After you create one, it prompts you to enter a new password for storing the wallet on the phone. There’s no confirmation request, so it’s easy to mistype the password and lose it. I actually did it, and had to restore the wallet from the seed phrase.

Then you select the EOS account creation, and enter the new account name. The submit button overlaps the input field, so you don’t really see what you type. You need to close the on-screen keyboard to see the result. Then you click the summit button, and the account gets quickly created.

The account is created by “infinitoglob”, an account obviously belonging to Infinito Wallet. They supply the new wallet with bare minimum that will allow probably 1–2 transactions. You would definitely need to buy more RAM and stake more for CPU and network:

  • 3480 bytes of RAM (spent around 1.6 EOS on it)
  • “stake_cpu_quantity” : “0.0500 EOS”
  • “stake_net_quantity” : “0.0010 EOS”

I transferred 1 EOS to my new account in the wallet, but still the wallet does not allow me to buy more RAM or stake more for CPU and network.

The wallet shows the public key, and it corresponds to the owner and active key on the blockchain.

The wallet does not provide any means to export my private key. I assume it’s using a standard BIP39 or BIP44 procedure for deriving the keys, but the tool at does not yet have the key representation for EOS. So, it will need some extra voodoo in order to retrieve the private key. Also the derivation path is not documented anywhere, so it will need some trying before you get the right key.

UPD: The BIP44 key derivation is not yet standardized for EOS, so there’s no guarantee that any other EOS wallet will work with your seed phrase.

The software does not allow you to change the permissions and assign a different key as active or owner.

Also, the source of the software is not open, although they promise to open it soon. So, we cannot guarantee that the seed phrase or private keys are not transferred back to the authors’ servers.

Also we do not know which EOS RPC URL they utilize, so it’s totally unclear how reliable this wallet is in regards to EOS.

Telegram: cc32d9, EOS account: "cc32dninexxx"

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