State Track API for NFT assets

State Track API for EOSIO blockchains is a new type of API that applications are welcome to embrace. Its primary purpose is to provide a way to query all NFT assets belonging to an account. Currently it supports dGoods and SimpleAssets standards, and easy to extend to new standards if needed.

Apart from that, it also caches contract table contents for selected accounts, and provides the way to extract the data via API. It can also be set to accumulate transaction history for certain accounts.

The API is innovative in the way the data is delivered. It uses Server-Sent Events (SSE), a mechanism to deliver a stream of data without having to store the whole amount in memory. Even if the dataset is large, the server and client are processing the data elements sequentially, so the solution becomes more scalable and future-proof.

Server-Sent Events are supported in Javascript in modern browsers, so no additional libraries are required for utilizing it.

The API backend automatically adds new contracts to the scanned list as long as a contract adheres to the proposed standard for tokenconfigs table.

GetScatter, Inc. has sponsored the open-source development of the API software.

EOS Amsterdam is hosting the API on a redundant set of servers for EOS and WAX networks, as well as for Jungle testnet.

Telegram: cc32d9, EOS account: "cc32dninexxx"

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