There are over 1200 tokens in eosio mainnet

While testing my ZeroMQ plugin for EOS nodeos, I made a ZMQ socket receiver that stores the EOS transaction data to a MySQL database. Now it’s running fo rmore than 24 hours since Saturday evening, still struggling to process the spike of spam on July 17–18th. Still it already accumulated some interesting data.

Here I made an extract (as of July 17th) of all token contracts known on the mainnet which had at least one transaction. Anything that has “issue” and “transfer” methods and keeps its currency database in a compatible format, is considered as token.

So, we have over 1200 tokens on the network already. Most of them have only a few transactions, and there are several giants that made their airdrops.

Also I made a script that creates accounting reports in Excel files. This should be handy for making quarterly reports of all your assets on the EOS network.

As of now, nodeos is still re-playing the blocks, filling the MySQL server with data. As of July 17th, the MySQL data files occupy 36GB. The server is struggling with I/O delays, even that it has SSD storage. The InnoDB pool is set to 700MB, and probably I need to move it to a bigger server.

Telegram: cc32d9, EOS account: "cc32dninexxx"

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